Grill'D Bochka Wood-Burning Sauna Heater / Stove

About the company

The Russian word “Bochka” translates to “Barrel”. These barrel heaters are very unique because they are one of the very few types which are able to hold up to 50 L of hot water. The Bochka heater is very compact and can fit in almost any sauna spaces. Made from high-grade steel (09G2S), this design is not only durable, it is also safe for families, which becomes a very important aspect when picking the perfect wood-burning sauna heater to share with your loved ones. It has never been easier to add water to a sauna heater and create the perfect amount of steam. The tightly-packed stones that surround the heater provide maximum protection from IR Radiation. This heater has many features, and we believe it will satisfy all your sauna needs!

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