HIVE Mini Reflector

HIVE Mini Reflector

Thanks to the placement of the reflector on the heater it is possible to achieve half smaller safety distances from the walls. It is made of stainless steel and is mounted on the side of the heater. The reflectors can be connected to each other.

A sauna heater heat reflector is a device that is designed to redirect or reflect heat back into the sauna room. It is typically made of a heat-resistant material such as metal and is placed behind the sauna heater. The heat reflector’s purpose is to increase the efficiency of the heater by directing more heat into the sauna room, instead of allowing it to escape into the surrounding area. This can help to reduce energy/wood consumption and increase the overall heat output of the sauna. Additionally, a heat reflector can also help to distribute heat more evenly throughout the sauna room, which can lead to a more comfortable and enjoyable sauna experience.


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