HUUM Hive Flow Mini LS Wood-Burning Sauna Stove

Up to 494 ft 3
Warranty: 5 years

HUUM Hive Flow Mini LS Wood-Burning Sauna Stove

HUUM Hive Flow Mini LS Wood-Burning Sauna Stove stands out as one of the most efficient and environmentally sustainable sauna heaters on the market. Its innovative design ensures that 75% of the heat from the firewood directly heats your sauna rather than escaping through the chimney. This means you can enjoy four sessions with the same amount of wood that would typically provide three sauna sessions.

HUUM’s patent-pending design minimizes environmental impact, with CO emissions at just 346 mg/m3 compared to over 1000 mg/m3 in similar stoves. The particulate matter output is only 25 mg/m3, the lowest in its category.
Thanks to its unique patent pending construction, the HIVE Flow stove has safety distances from combustible materials of just 150 mm, compared to the usual 200-500 mm. This is because the heater warms up more evenly, allowing for snug installation.

The stove features a robust structure with a 5 mm top and 3 mm thick sides. Its unique design ensures even heat distribution, preventing any one area from overheating. The HIVE Flow weighs 67 kg (73 lg for LS) and can hold up to 150 kg of stones, with an additional 35-40kg in the stone cage.

Enjoy long and mild steam sessions, even after the fire has gone out. The large volume of stones retains heat, providing steam for over 30 minutes after the fire is extinguished.

The large glass furnace door enhances the cozy ambiance of your sauna, letting you enjoy the mesmerizing flames, much like a small fireplace.

HUUM Hive Flow Mini LS Wood-Burning Sauna Stove meets the strict German environmental standard BImSchV Stufe 2 and the European Commission Regulation 2025/1185 for solid fuel local space heaters, surpassing all known efficiency and environmental metrics for wood-burning stoves. This ensures a high-quality, sustainable choice for your sauna so you can relax and experience the best for your mind and body.

The HIVE Flow LS model allows you to heat your sauna from an adjacent room.

Also available as HIVE Flow Mini and Mini LS. Weighing 54 and 59 kg respectively and holding 105 kg of stones. With the stone cage you can add up to 40 kg of stones.


Power rating 8.5 kW
Steam room min 6 m³ / 212 ft³
Steam room max 14 m³ / 494 ft³
Holding capacity of sauna rocks ~105 kg / 231 lb
Weight 59 kg / 130 lb
Height 884 mm / 34.8 in
Width 450 mm / 17.7 in
Depth 613 mm / 24.1 in
Firewood length 300 mm / 11.8 in
Diameter of the flue 114 mm / 4.5 in
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HUUM Hive Flow Mini LS Wood-Burning Sauna Stove


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