Traditional Sauna Stones 44 LBS (20 kg)

Traditional Sauna Stones 44 LBS (20 kg)

We are thrilled to introduce our collection of sauna stones, featuring both jagged and round varieties. Each stone is skillfully carved from high-quality granite and is approximately 2-4 inches in size. While our round stones offer a polished aesthetic, the star of our collection is undoubtedly the jagged sauna stone.

Jagged sauna stones are distinctive with their rough, irregular contours. This unique shape is not only visually intriguing but also functionally advantageous. Each jagged stone is thoughtfully designed to capture and retain heat, subsequently allowing for a gentle and prolonged release of steam. The rustic and natural aesthetic these stones lend to your sauna, combined with their dimensions falling within the 2-4 inch range, makes them an attractive and practical choice.

The choice between jagged and round stones may also be influenced by the type of heater you have. Some heaters, whether wood-burning or electric, might perform better with the jagged stones due to their ability to trap more heat and produce steam more efficiently.

Granite, the chosen material for these stones, has a rich history within sauna culture. Sauna stones have been a vital part of traditional Finnish saunas for centuries. The indigenous people of Finland discovered that granite, with its excellent heat retention and durability, was the ideal material for sauna stones. Over time, the use of granite sauna stones spread throughout Scandinavia and beyond, becoming a symbol of an authentic sauna experience.

The more stones you incorporate into your sauna heater, the more steam is produced, enhancing the sauna’s humidity levels and creating a relaxing atmosphere. This steam is not just soothing but also offers tangible health benefits for your skin and respiratory system.
When you choose our jagged granite stones, you’re not just selecting a product; you’re becoming part of a time-honored tradition that balances heat and steam for your ultimate comfort and well-being in the sauna.


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