Sauna Thermal Vapour Barrier Foil

Sauna Thermal Vapour Barrier Foil

1-sided aluminum Sauna Thermal Vapour Barrier Foil for walls. Roll of 47 in length. Covers an area of up to approximately 300 sq. ft.

Sauna thermal vapour barrier foil, also known as sauna vapor barrier or sauna vapour barrier foil, is a type of insulation material used in saunas to prevent moisture from entering the walls and ceiling of the sauna room. It is typically made of a thin, flexible material like plastic or aluminum foil and is used to cover the interior surfaces of the sauna room. The purpose of the vapor barrier is to prevent moisture from the hot, humid air inside the sauna from penetrating the walls and ceiling, which can lead to rot and other structural damage over time. It also helps to keep the sauna warm and energy efficient by preventing heat loss through the walls.

The vapour barrier foil in a sauna is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it helps to reduce heat loss from the sauna, which can save energy and reduce operating costs. Secondly, it prevents moisture from entering the sauna structure, which can help to prevent the development of mold and other types of damage.


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