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Bochky Round Outdoor Barrel Sauna For Sale
Buy Outdoor Barrel Sauna in Canada & the USA

Why Bochky Round Outdoor Barrel Sauna?

Our team of professionals at Bsaunas makes sure that you are served well, by offering a wide variety of different outdoor Bochky Round barrel sauna models for sale according to your preference. 

The barrels are unmatchable in terms of functionality, mobility, and compactness with the following facilities offered: 

  • The luxury of choosing from an extensive range of electric or wood-burning heaters that will fit perfectly in your Barrel Sauna
  • Premium quality environmentally friendly materials used in the manufacturing of outdoor sauna barrels
  • High-quality Russian Siberian cedar or Spruce wood used to have the right substance for your outdoor space
  • Customized outdoor barrel sauna kit to meet your demands
  • Quality ensured at affordable charges

Round Mini
4′ 10″ Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Round Economy
8' 6" Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Round Economy Plus
9′ 1″ Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Round Standard
11′ 7″ Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Round Comfort
12′ 6″ Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Round Lux
14′ 10″ Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Round Mega
17′ 2″ Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Round Mega Plus
15′ 6″ Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Bochky Round Outdoor Barrel Sauna Gallery

One of a Kind Service 

The outdoor sauna kit that you opt for will be installed by our professional and experienced technicians in a hassle-free manner. Plus, our service is extremely cost-effective. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Contact us today to get your own personal home sauna in order to enjoy your dream sauna experience at your home whenever you want. 

Everyone Needs an Outdoor Barrel Sauna!

On a lookout for an absolutely cozy and relaxed evening to cap off a long day out in the freezing cold without compromising on your health?
Well, the perfect solution for you is to unwind your troubles in a warm Bochky Outdoor Barrel Sauna.A
ll you have to do is step an inch out of your house and relax in the outdoor barrel sauna. Sound’s too good to be true?

Well, Bsaunas – the leading sauna company in North America – makes this possible. 

Assembling Premium Comfort at Home 

Saunas are an effective and affordable way of not only relieving stress but also improving your overall health.
You can hang out with your friends, family members or just have some private time to yourself in a beautiful outdoor space, such as your backyard or patio. So, what are you waiting for?
To buy Outdoor Cedar Barrel Sauna call
1 (833) 727-0404.

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Round Outdoor Barrel Sauna useful information and tips

If you love building things yourself, then a do-it-yourself (DIY) outdoor barrel sauna kit is just what you need. 

The Benefits of Your Own DIY Kit
Having such a DIY kit has some great advantages. These include:

  • It is YOUR creation
    With a DIY sauna kit, you get to create your own ambiance. No third party can ruin your vibe.
  • Homey Vibes Only
    Whether you got yourselves the famous cedar barrel sauna for sale in Canada or the USA or purchased another option; a sauna at home means a method of relaxation in utmost privacy.
    There is no need to go out and travel all the way to a salon or gym to take a steam bath with strangers; you can do it at home and with ease.
  • Quick to Buy, Easy to Assemble
    Contrary to popular belief, an outdoor sauna DIY kit is not very difficult to assemble. With the right guidance and set of tools, it saves you the trouble of visiting the local sauna and instead brings convenience to your home and life. But you always can request professional outdoor barrel sauna installation at Bsaunas.

So, the next time you find a great outdoor sauna kit for sale, waste no time and buy outdoor sauna.

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We provide service in Canada and the USA. Call us for a quote and you will be pleasantly surprised!

We ship sauna products through the whole of Canada

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Nova Scotia,

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