Sauna Accessories


Clocks and Sandmiters

Our clocks are made from Red Western Canadian Cedar and are of the highest quality, featuring a wide variety of designs, from rattan and droplet, to laser printed, with an integrated thermos-clock hygrometer. These clocks fit perfectly outside your sauna room or in a prominent spot inside your house. Sand timers are designed for inside sauna use only.

Pails & Ladles

A bucket of water is essential for a pleasurable sauna experience. Our sauna pails are available in various designs, shapes, and sizes. Wooden pails come with plastic inserts to protect the wood and are a breeze to clean. Stainless pails provide a glamorous addition to your sauna interior. Ladles come in many different variations which partner well with pails. Longer ladles are suitable for larger sauna rooms, where the heater is further away. Both pails and ladles are made from Red Western Canadian Cedar.

Doors & Handles

Sauna doors are essential for your sauna. Our doors are properly concealed with rubber lining and a convenient magnetic door lock. All door parts are built to endure the high temperatures of the sauna.

Sauna Lights & Covers

Our beautiful light shades, fashioned from Red Western Canadian Cedar, add beauty and elegance to your sauna. Our variety of light shades allows plenty of personal choice for a soothing and warm sauna interior.


Enhance your sauna experience and comfort levels with our back rests and wooden pillows made from Red Western Canadian Cedar.


Our sauna benches made from Red Western Canadian Cedar can be used either as an extra step inside your sauna, or placed outside the sauna for seating while cooling down.


Enhance your sauna experience with Bsaunas complementary sauna items! Our wide and diverse range of beneficial, miscellaneous items make perfect additions to your sauna.

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