Candles For Sauna

Candles For Sauna

Sauna candles are candles that are specifically designed to be used in a sauna. They are made with a combination of essential oils and natural waxes and are intended to provide a pleasant aroma and a relaxing atmosphere in the sauna. The essential oils in the candles can also have therapeutic properties, such as helping to alleviate stress, relax the muscles, and improve respiratory function. Some common essential oils used in sauna candles include eucalyptus, lavender, pine, and peppermint. Sauna candles are typically made with a low melting point wax so that they can be lit and placed in a heat-resistant container in the sauna, where they will melt and release their scent. It is important to follow all safety precautions when using candles in a sauna, including keeping the flame away from flammable materials and never leaving the candle unattended. Please note: essential oils are not provided in this set.


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