Etna Thermal Aspen Wood Framed Door, Clear Glass, 690×2100 mm (27 1/8″ x 82 3/4″)

Etna Thermal Aspen Wood Framed Door, Clear Glass, 690×2100 mm (27 1/8″ x 82 3/4″)

Introducing the “Etna,” the latest innovation in our sauna door lineup. This model is a testament to durability and design, offered in two elegant glass tints—bronze or clear, to suit various aesthetic preferences. What sets the “Etna” apart is not just its visual appeal but its exceptional sturdiness, making it an ideal choice for both interior and exterior sauna applications.

The “Etna” doors are meticulously crafted with double-pane tempered glass. This type of glass is crucial for sauna doors, as it provides enhanced insulation compared to single-pane glass. The double layer traps air between the panes, acting as a barrier that reduces heat loss from the sauna. This means your sauna heats up more efficiently and maintains its temperature with less energy. Moreover, tempered glass offers increased safety; it is designed to shatter into small, blunt pieces if broken, minimizing the risk of injury.

The frame of the “Etna” door is constructed from thermal aspen wood, a material chosen for its impressive durability and resistance to the demanding sauna environment. Thermal aspen wood undergoes a heat treatment process that enhances its moisture and temperature resistance. This makes it an excellent material for saunas, where the humidity and temperature levels can fluctuate significantly. In addition to its functional benefits, thermal aspen wood has a beautiful, smooth finish that adds a touch of natural elegance to any sauna design.

Another noteworthy feature of the “Etna” sauna door is its sophisticated hardware, including hidden hinges and a magnetic lock system. These elements ensure a seamless look and a satisfyingly secure closure. The door’s design includes a long, square handle that complements its modern aesthetic, and its universal handedness allows for versatile installation options. Delivered in one pre-hung package, the “Etna” door simplifies the installation process, making it a straightforward addition to your sauna project.

Key specifications:

  • Rough Opening (RO): 28 1/2″ x 83 3/4″ (724 x 2130 mm )
  • Depth of Jam: 3.5 “
  • Door Size (including the frame): 27 1/8″ x 82 3/4″ (690 x 2100 mm)
  • Door Opening Orientation (hinge side): Left / Right


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