Up to 565 ft 3
Warranty: 1 year


The Narvi NC wood-burning stove is the epitome of understated luxury with its simple, yet timeless design. Whether your sauna is traditional or modern, the stove’s elegant style will complement its surroundings seamlessly. The large volume of stones, coupled with its robust construction, guarantees an even and pleasurable sauna experience. Despite its impressive size, the stove is highly efficient and requires minimal firewood to heat up.

The Narvi NC’s fire chamber boasts a novel design, ensuring cleaner and more efficient combustion. Its eco-friendly features and CE marking compliance are a testament to its unwavering commitment to sustainability.

The stove’s black casing, cast iron glass door, and steel frame around the stones section exude a sense of sophistication and style. For those seeking a more contemporary look, the Narvi NC 20 and Narvi NC 16 are available in sleek stainless steel casings. The adjustable feet and rear chimney connection pipe, included with the stove, facilitate easy installation.

In summary, the Narvi NC wood-burning stove is a high-end addition to any sauna, elevating your sauna experience to the pinnacle of luxury. Its durable and efficient design, along with its exquisite aesthetics, make it a must-have for sauna aficionados seeking the ultimate in comfort and style.

Additionally, this stove has the capacity to accommodate up to 50 kg of sauna stones.

Made In Finland.

The price listed does NOT include stones.


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