Narvi Standard Chimney Flue Kit

Narvi Standard Chimney Flue Kit

Narvi Standard Chimney Flue Kit (aka Kota Steel Flue Kit 15 – 6090)

Narvi Standard Chimney Flue Kit is a high-quality and safe choice for sauna heaters and other fireplaces. In the design of the flue particular attention has been paid to fire-safety and insulation of the flue around the feedthrough of the ceiling. The modular design of the steel flue enables the flue to be installed considering the specific conditions of a particular building.

The uninsulated start pipe (100mm stainless steel) has a diameter of 120/122 mm and it fits with all sauna stoves with smoke output diameter of 119mm. The stainless steel pipe can be placed inside the insulated pipe, which makes removing and/or maintenance of the stove or the chimney easier.

With a separately sold adapter (product 6015-111) this sauna smoke flue can be connected to any sauna stoves with flue outlet 115mm.

The outer casing of the flue is made of zinc-coated steel finished with black heat-resistant paint. The diameter of the flue is 255 mm. The flue is insulated with fire-resistant mineral wool. The inner tube with a diameter of 125 mm is made of stainless steel. The flue is also equipped with a permanently installed damper. The safe Kota steel flue is provided with CE-marking confirming that the flue fulfils the requirements of fire safety class T600.

The kit includes all parts and accessories needed for installation and connection of the flue.

The length of the insulated section of the Kota Steel Flue 15 is 1 500 mm and it includes all parts needed for installation:
The max. full size of the main kit without extension sections is approximately 2500 mm.

1170 mm insulated damper section and 300 mm flue section (inner diameter of the pipe is 125 mm)
1000 mm non-insulated, stainless steel connection pipe (inner diameter 120 mm, outside diameter 122)
Fastening ring
Feedthrough flange 0–22 degreees
Feedthrough cover, height 400 mm
Carrier ring of the flue with perforated band
Support of the base
Rubber sealing of the roof
Rainfall cover of the flue

Optional Extension sections 300 mm, 600 mm and 1200mm of Kota Steel Flue 15:
By using the main part and insulated extension sections you can build a flue with the exact height you need.

The sauna smoke flue can also be connected with a Kota flue tank (water tank of 22 liters)


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