Polar Spa Elite 220 Wood Fired Hot Tub with an integrated stove (35kW)

Depth: 110 cm
Width: 220 cm
Capacity: 6-8 people
Volume: 1300 L

Polar Spa Elite 220 Wood Fired Hot Tub with an integrated stove (35kW)

Experience ultimate relaxation with just one click on the console, as your body becomes enveloped in thousands of soothing air bubbles. The aeromassage function can be combined with chromotherapy, known as “colored bathing,” to help combat chronic fatigue, improve sleep, and normalize blood pressure.

Designed for outdoor use in any weather condition, these tubs feature a stainless steel stove integrated into the pot, ensuring rapid water heating to your desired comfort level. Watch the mesmerizing flames through the heat-resistant glass installed in the stove door. Rest assured, the stove is equipped with a special stainless steel screen to prevent burns, offering you a worry-free experience. The sleek integration of the stove and hidden utilities enhances these tubs’ overall aesthetic appeal.

Crafted to perfection, these premium tubs boast meticulous design and thoughtful functionality. The tub pot is made of an innovative laminated composite, utilizing a high-strength protective and decorative material of premium class – gelcoat, crafted by BUFA (Germany). This gelcoat is entirely safe for humans and provides a glaze effect, giving the tubs a smooth and delightful touch. Their pristine white color ensures the water remains crystal clear, adding to these tubs’ allure.

For added convenience and protection, our special thermal cover POLARSPA shields these tubs from rain and sludge while also conserving the heat of the water. *

The package includes a 3-step ladder, funnel protection, and an integrated stove with a powerful 35 kW output. Elevate your bathing experience to new heights with these tubs, where relaxation and luxury meet in perfect harmony.

* Price doesn’t include thermal cover.

  • The number one accessory for your hot tub. For comparison: without a thermal cover, water would heat up for at least seven hours, and with a cover - in just one and a half!

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Polar Spa Elite 220 Wood Fired Hot Tub with an integrated stove (35kW)


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