Polar Spa Standard 79 Cold Tub

Depth: 110 cm
Width: 79 X 125 cm
Capacity: 1 Person
Volume: 250 L

Polar Spa Standard 79 Cold Tub

The composite plunge tubs of the “STANDARD” series are a classic model and meant to be used on a year-round basis. The plunge tubs of this model may be installed either outdoors or indoors.

The form of the composite pot is designed based on the human anatomy regardless of height and provides comfortable and safe plunge tub usage when taking hydrotherapy on a year-round basis.

This plunge tub series is produced both with single and double design.

The single barrel plunge tubs have sizes, which allow to carry them through the standard doorways.

Price including steps and not including thermal cover.

  • Number one accessory for your tub. POLARSPA thermal cover's external layer consists of marine-grade, fire-resistant, water-proof faux leather resistant to sludge, mold and temperature differences. The internal layer consists of 40 cm thick PVC sandwich panels reinforced by galvanized steel.

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Polar Spa Standard 79 Cold Tub

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Polar Spa Standard 79 Cold Tub


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