Grill'D Wood-Burning Sauna Stoves

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Please note that all of our Grill’D wood-burning sauna stoves are currently out of stock due to Canada’s sanctions on Russia. This page is provided for your reference. In the meantime, please explore our top-quality sauna heaters from HUUM, made in Estonia, and Narvi, made in Finland.

Grill'D Wood-Burning Sauna Stoves
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About Grill'D Wood-Burning Sauna Heaters

Round Economy Plus9' 1" Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Grill’D is a new generation of high-efficiency wood-burning heaters. With it’s high-quality, Grill’D offers unmatched durability. It makes it a great buy in the Medium wood stoves category. Check out our wood-burning heaters and look no further!

Our Grill’D Wood-Burning Sauna Heaters are perfect for any Outdoor Sauna, big or small. Give us a call if you have any questions about choosing a wood stove for your sauna. We will help you not only to choose but also provide information on how to install it safely if you decide to install the sauna wood heater by yourself.

Wood-Fired Sauna Heaters / Stoves useful information and tips

The Guide To Heating A Sauna

Not too hot, not too cold; to get the maximum benefits from your sauna experience, you must set the temperature just right! 
If you’re planning on setting the temperature close to that of public saunas, I’d tell you to stop right here. 
Public saunas have their standard temperatures because there are so many people in a sauna at a time. They usually have higher temperatures, which you don’t need at all if you’re relaxing alone in your home sauna. 

Get your sauna around 140-180°F and destress! 
Let’s explore how we can get the sauna heated and ready:

Grill'D Aurora mini ShortWood-Burning Sauna Heater / Stove

Pre-Sauna Session: Getting the Equipment Right

When you’re purchasing heating equipment, do keep in mind the size of your sauna. If you’re planning to build a sauna in your basement in Canada or the USA, you’ll need to buy a sauna stove that would be big enough to radiate the heat evenly throughout the sauna. It’s easier to maintain the temperature in smaller at-home saunas, and a wood sauna heater perfectly distributes the heat throughout the room so you can enjoy a relaxing time. 
Based on the size of the sauna and your preference, you can either opt for a wood stove or a wood sauna heater. 

  • Setting the Temperature Just Right!

Before beginning to heat the sauna, make sure the door is closed so you can avoid the warmth sneaking away through the opening. Afterwards, when you fired up the wood sauna stove, give the sauna time to heat up. The bigger space, the more time it’ll take. So, while your sauna’s heating up, you can definitely make yourself a relaxing drink that will make your sauna experience a whole lot better.
Pro tip: Keep an eye on the thermometer to prevent overheating the sauna. 

  • Get it Steaming 

Once the wood starts to burn, it heats the rocks, which then radiates heat throughout the room.
If you are using wood stoves, you can increase the humidity in the sauna by pouring water on the rocks. Steam will erupt, which will help relax your skin and ease your breathing!

If you love saunas but simply don’t get the time to make your way to a commercial one; you can get one for your home too!
The best part: it doesn’t cost a lot too! 

Bsaunas has high-quality wood stoves for sale, which will guarantee you a magical time in the sauna. As you warm up – literally – let all your worries and stress fly away with a comfy sauna session! 

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