Sauna Oak Whisk

Sauna Oak Whisk

A sauna whisk is a traditional tool used in the Finnish sauna, also known as a “vihta” or “vasta.” It is a bundle of thin branches, typically made from birch, oak or other tree species, that have been tied together and bound with twine. The sauna whisk is used to gently slap the skin and create a refreshing, invigorating sensation. It is also used to spread the heat and steam evenly throughout the sauna, and to enhance the circulation of air. In addition to its practical uses, the sauna whisk is also a symbol of the sauna culture and tradition in Finland as well as in Canada and the USA and is often used in ceremonies and rituals. To use a sauna whisk, it is typically soaked in water and then whipped or flicked gently against the skin, or used to gently waft the steam and heat around the sauna. It is important to follow proper sauna etiquette and be mindful of the preferences of others when using a sauna whisk.


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